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Admirror franchise

With the sophisticated Admirror concept, franchisees immediately have access to years of experience and development that Admirror has built upon the market for advertising on mirrors. That’s why as a franchisee you don’t have to re-invent it, but can you start immediately with a professional look and flawless working product and an accompanying Control Management System.

Next to a “flying start” as a franchisee, you are continuously assisted in business operations. Whether it concerns marketing, specific knowledge, or automation as a franchisee at Admirror you are an independent entrepreneur, but you are not alone.
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Why Franchising?

The admirror concept is based on entrepreneurship. As a franchise at Admirror, you work in your own region and you, therefore, have a maximum number of your own customers: locations where the mirrors are placed and the advertisers who use them to communicate. As an entrepreneur, you are fully responsible, but you’re also depending on your own performance. In addition, the franchisees of Admirror guided with great dedication, and Admirror is an excellent franchise organization with a golden future.

Your own Admirror business

As an Admirror coordinator, you are an expert in communicating with your clients, contacts, and the Admirror headquarters. Thanks to your network and local knowledge of the market, you know to find these people and companies easily. Clients are mostly MKD companies that appreciate advice on advertising a lot.

The franchisee is in control of the workload. As a franchisee, you have no nine to five mentality and you are prepared to make contacts in the evenings too, for example, meeting of local business associations, etc. The right attitude certainly ensures a positive operating result.

Investment contribution

Of course, we expect that a franchisee has the opportunity to invest. The amount of this investment and the size of the region will decide on the number of mirrors being placed.

The amount of this investment depends on the number of mirrors to be placed and the size of the region in which you will be active, but experience shows that starting with prime locations can provide instant cash flow allowing you to grow steadily within your region. The Admirror head office assists you with the technical implementation and placement of locations you recruit. The minimum order numbers of mirrors are 5 at a time.

As a franchise partner of Admirror, you bring the possibilities of the smart Admirror to the attention of local, regional, and possibly national advertisers.

Would you like the become a franchise partner in your country or region? Please contact us. We are happy to provide you with more information.