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Why advertise on the Admirror?

With an ad on the Admirror, you can target the audience at a time and reach the desired attention value.

A restaurant attracts different public than a café. And who visits a sports club or zoo, is in a very different mood than someone who visits a cinema. These differences are essential. Effective advertising it’s not only about targeted action towards the target group but also a combination of the target group, location, and timing. The commercials are fresh at the memory of the mirror viewer, causing people to want to buy it. So that he Consciously or unconsciously, has seen the mirror. Admirror gives you the chance to play into this.

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6.000 Advertising spots

This can be on a local, regional or nationwide level. U can choose from a wide range of advertising spots. U can choose out from more than 6.000 advertising spots in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Think of cafes and cinemas but also fitness centers, restaurants, and brasseries. U can choose an annual subscription or a subscription with a different term. For a relatively low investment, we will exchange the ads for you. This offers you the opportunity to also temporarily draw attention to promotions, events, or offers.

Effective and inexpensive

Together we can determine at which locations and on which mirrors you can advertise the most effectively. Our advisors are happy to talk with you about all possibilities with a personal conversation.

The main advantages of the Admirror for the advertisers: