Interactive Smart Admirror


Some possibilities of the Interactive Smart Admirror

  • Digital scale which is connected to the mirror and enables it to display advertisements which are customized to the user’s weight.
  • Recognition of gestures by the mirror’s software, which enables the mirror to react to specific movements of the user, e.g. waving a hand.
  • Integrated voice detection; the mirror can react to specific verbal commands of the user.
  • Automatic connection to social media or other accounts through an app or RFID device in order to interact through the mirror with the respective platform (making posts on Facebook or Instagram, purchasing of selected products, etc.).
  • Playing short games on the mirror during which the user has to exercise simple interactions; the games could be a variation of almost any smartphone game.
  • Collecting feedback or playing a quiz on the mirror, possibly also with random/variable questions.
  • Connection between mirror and smartphone through an app which enables the interaction with the content displayed on the mirror. This could be e.g. a game or the display of a message on the mirror.
  • Integration of an augmented reality; a layer is positioned over the reflection of the user in the mirror, as is being done in the Snapchat app.
  • A connection to Google Maps, with hotspots in the near area, provided with an interactive filter.
    By communicating her interests/ answering questions, the user receives an overview of corresponding locations/activities including prices, reviews, opening hours, etc.
  • A connection to a weather satellite, through which the weather in a specific location (possibly chosen by the user) is displayed on the mirror with a fitting animation (e.g. rain, thunder, sun, etc.).
  • Recording of video messages on the mirror which can then be sent to other visitors or a mirror in another location.
  • Real-time video connection with another mirror, through which the user can check another location or have a video chat with a stranger.