Why advertise on the Admirror? Because advertising on the Admirror means that you can reach your target audience at the right time with the right amount of engagement.

For instance a renowned restaurant attracts a different audience than a fast food place. And when visiting a coffee shop or a zoo people will be in a different mood than when going to the movies. These differences are essential, for to make advertising as effective as possible not only the message to the viewer has to be pertinent but also the combination of target group, location and timing has to be just right. If the advertisements are fresh in the viewer’s mind he or she will be more likely to choose exactly those products or services that they have seen, consciously or subconsciously, on the mirror just moments earlier. The Smart Admirror offers you the tools to fine tune the advertising process.

6000 Advertising spots
The geographic spread of your advertising on the Admirror can be local, regional or national, with over two thousand five hundred advertising locations in the Netherlands, in Belgium and in Germany to choose from. Typical locations comprise coffee shops, pubs, night clubs and cinemas, but also fitness clubs, restaurants and bistros. You can choose to subscribe for a year at a time, or any other time period, even for as little as weeks or days. For a small additional fee you can change the displayed advertisement which enables you to run promotions, announce actions or attract attention to specials offers.

(Cost) Effective
Working in close cooperation with you we determine at which locations and on what mirrors your advertising would be most effective. Our advisers are more than happy to discuss all options in a personal meeting with you.